About Us

It all started with a question "What do I get that special family member or friend for their Birthday, Christmas and other Special Occasions?" We would go to stores and just look around and say to ourselves "Oh I got that for them last year or the year before, Now What?

Because of this problem we started being more aware of products, especially new products so when a gift giving occasion came along we could get products to give to people that were unique, clever or unusual.

We started keeping track of these products during the year to buy so we could surprise our gift recipients. The reaction was always "Where Did You Get This?". It worked well enough that other people would ask us "Hey what products have you found that I could buy to give as a gift?

We thought maybe we should start a website and list these things so other people could be turned on to these products.

Originally Productstofind.com was a product recommendation website. In many cases though a lot of times we could not rely on the seller of a product we liked would have it in stock anymore, especially when we needed to give it as a gift or present.

So we turned Productstofind.com into an ecommerce website to find unique, clever or unusual products and offer them for sale to people who also need to find a gift or present for family members friends and that special someone.

So if you need a product to give as a gift or just get it for yourself, please bookmark or put in your favorites in your internet browser on the PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.


Sincerely The Team At Productstofind.com