Planting Soil Matt - Keeps Soil From Getting All Over

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Need to re-plant and re-pot a plant but don't want the mess of soil getting all over the place and especially all over you, this Planting Soil Matt comes to the rescue.

This green matt not only keeps soil in check excess soil can be put back into into it's plastic bag or container.  Easy to clean and easy to store - Just wipe or rinse it off and roll it into a tube and store it.

When needed just un-roll it snap the corners together which keeps the dirt inside the matt and garden away.

Come in three sizes:  19"-50cm, 26"-68cm,  39"-100cm

Waterproof Soil Replacement Pad 

Product information: 

Name: Gardening Mat
Color: Green
Material: Polyethylene
Use: Gardening
Size: 50cm 68cm 100cm